Member Of The Scientific Committee Of The European Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery

Member Of The Scientific Committee
Of The European Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery

Member Of The Scientific Committee Of The European Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery

Member Of The Scientific Committee Of The European Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery


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      In fact, the only partially cover the entrance to the vagina hymen is a very thin membrane. It is impossible to be completely closed, at least menstrual blood will flow from there. Hymen whose range is too small, who's become a relatively large. Some very thick hymen, to some ipinceci. However, the hymen membrane because it is in the range of elastic tissue in the penis expand by force or by muscle relaxation. Range is expanding with the force of the penis, this causes little bleeding and temporary pain, but he does not see any damage to the vagina.

      First Intercourse bleeding Absence

      The lack of bleeding at first sexual intercourse in our culture and in other cultures is considered as a proof that she's a virgin. This is a huge mistake. Anatomical structure of each woman is different and in some women the hymen is flexible so that when the penis inside, and especially if you have enough lubrication of the vaginal entrance remains hymen tear. This condition is one in every 100 young girls and perhaps can be found in more. Some women also is very little space on the vascular structures of the hymen, the membrane rupture can occur despite no visible bleeding. In some cases the first sexual intercourse may not be performed in the first trial and after several attempts. As it is the most common cause is not supposed to be thick hymen.

      The most common cause is that young women feel ready for sexual intercourse itself. In this case the woman to self-release, powerful muscles located in the vagina entrance will stay contracted and located in the muscles and hymen at the entrance of the vagina, penis, vagina region enough lubrication can not be achieved it will be difficult to overcome the obstacles. Men would divest the procedure after a certain period of time in such a situation when you feel burned the young woman's life. A rare cause the hymen is really thick. Gynecology clinic "first relationship of failure" relationship attempts made repeatedly in the history of some of the applicants were women due to inconclusive and in the examination is really thick hymen. In these cases, doctors may sometimes need to be opened by the hymen with a small surgery.

      First Night Bleeding How long?

      During the rupture of the hymen rupture hymen sometimes expand into the vagina from. "Defloration bleeding" (of defloration of hymen is that a word means tearing) called in this case almost always insufficient foreplay, at a time when women do not feel adequately prepared, men with "drastic action" is caused by the presence of sexual experimentation. In most cases, men and women's continued interference in a manner insensitive to the sensation of pain and "ripped" has been greater than it should be.

      Half an hour later than usual stops bleeding when the hymen is broken. When a large rupture occurs either immediately began a severe hemorrhage, or bleeding is a relationship that has already lasted a long time, despite the disappearance. Gynecologic examination after determining the location of the tear local anesthesia or general anesthesia in large tear repaired tear with bleeding stopped.

      Does not exceed the amount of bleeding, bleeding occurs in every relationship, there is nothing to worry about if the short-term. After the first relationship does not mean abstinence fearing bleeding can be entered as desired relations, there is no need to worry about excessive bleeding occurs not.

      A successful "First Night" for women to do, be able to give a clear message that it is ready to partner or not yet ready, the control of the foreplay stage is getting into their own hands. Men must accept the nature of which is different from the woman herself should take into account the fact that it takes longer than men to be ready for sexual intercourse of a woman. Men in this first relationship will be a mirror of the subsequent relationship, relaxation and relief for women to do their utmost, be patient.

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